Vetina Canworm Oral Suspension – 30ml

Broad spectrum de-wormer effective against Tapeworm, Hookworm, Roundworm, Whip worm and Giardia
-Effective against mature and immature stages of worm infestation
-Broad spectrum anthelmintic for: Dogs, cats, puppies, Kittens, sheep, Goat, swine, rabbit and birds-Canworm has wide safety margin and can be used effectively against worm infestation in unweaned puppies, kittens, pregnant and nursing animals

Symptoms of worm infestation:

-Weight loss

– Dull coat, Dry hairs
– Swollen belly
– Lack of appetite
– Anemia
– Lethargy
-Worms in stool
– Vomiting and sporadic diarrhea
-General poor appearance
Contents: Fenbendazole IP- 100 mg
Presentation:- 30 ml bottle
Dose rate :- Please refer pack insert

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